The History of Search Engines – An Infographic

Below is a visual history of “search” and search engines; hopefully it’s both a trip down memory lane and a useful resource for anyone looking to learn a bit more about the history of Internet search engines.

List of Internet Search Engines: A Comprehensive History of Web Search Engines

Infographic by WordStream Internet Marketing Software

(Source: Wordstream)


Thank You #Pakistan

JamStudio lets you quickly sketch out song ideas, even if you’re clueless

It’s basically a quick way of throwing a song together, and all you have to do is click a bunch of chords and instruments. You are not likely to make actual music with this, but I actually don’t think you should be trying to.

Personally, I can see myself using this tool to communicate my song ideas to some of my friends who actually have a clue about music and can play an instrument. As a musically illiterate person, it can be very frustrating when I have a clear idea for a tune that can go well with some lyrics I wrote, but I have no way to communicate it to a friend of mine who wants to compose the song (because I don’t know any chords and I can’t even hum it properly).

JamStudio lets me play around with a bunch of chords until I come up with something that sounds right, and then I can just show it to my musically skilled friends, and they’ll get a clear idea of what I would like the song to sound like.

(Source: Download Squad)

Eminem Ft. Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie (Megan Fox) (Official Video)

(Source: You Tube Vevo Channel)

Online-ConVert lets you convert a ton of media formats, no download required

Online Convert
online-ConVert looks suspicious. The formatting is wonky, the name is poorly capitalized, and the whole thing looks really unreliable. I almost didn’t cover it.

But then I decided to go ahead and give it a chance, and I was pleasantly surprised by how thorough the service is. I tested it by converting a small MP3 file to Ogg. It offered me sensible options (like the option to set the bitrate and a few other parameters that I could set if I wanted to), and then it uploaded the file, crunched it, and spit it back out within a matter of seconds (it was a small MP3 – about 1.3MB).

I also tried converting a Docx document to PDF. The PDF converter lets you specify a “target device” so that, for example, you can produce PDFs that are specifically aimed at the Kindle.

There’s also a hash generator that can produce a file checksum (or just a text hash) by using a ton of algorithms, an image converter, and a whole bunch of other converters. I was unable to test them all, but I was pleasantly surprised by the options that I did try. The next time I need to convert a rare format, I may just use this site instead of seeking out a specific tool.

(Source: Download Squad)

Inception Was Stolen From Scrooge McDuck

Here’s an old Scrooge McDuck comic book photo from 2002 that tells the story of criminals who break into Scrooges dreams to steal his secrets. Scrooge and Donald just want to go home, but the physical world around them is constantly changing and shifting.Scrooge
If that sounds like the plot of Inception, it should. Christopher Nolan just replaced the Beagle Boys with Leonardo DiCaprio and then made it all fancy by spinning the camera around and whatnot.

Seriously, there are NO original ideas left… so get that out of your mind.

(Source: Gone Hollywood)

Mirage Live In Concert in KARACHI (05-Aug-2010)

Mirage Live in Concert
Mirage is one of the most talented new rock outfits from Pakistan, formed by Saad Hayat, Hasan Mahmud and Rehan Nazim in 2003. With their unique sound and blend, unusual compositions and inspiring lyrics, accompanied by a solid live act Mirage is all set to release their debut album in August/September 2010 [Fire Records]