Evolution Of The Moon

From year to year, the moon never seems to change. Craters and other formations appear to be permanent now, but the moon didn’t always look like this. Thanks to NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, we now have a better look at some of the moon’s history.

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Hack Your Brain To Use Cravings To Your Advantage

Think about munching on a bag of your favorite potato chips. Let that image sit in your brain for a little while. How does it feel? Are you craving chips right now? Sometimes, a single mention of a word is all it takes to trigger a craving, and unfortunately, cravings often entice you to do things that aren’t good for you. What if you could change that?

Take a look at how you can rewire your brain and use those cravings to your advantage.

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Pakistan, the country today is known for terrorism and extremism but it has beautiful culture and lovely people. In this post we are discussing wondorous truck and bus decoration of art of Pakistan. This extraordinary tradition has it’s routes in the days of the Raj when craftsmen made glorious horse draw carriages for the gentry. In the 1920′s the Kohistan bus company asked the local Michaelangelo, Ustad Elahi Buksh, a master craftsmen to decorate their buses to attract passengers. Buksh employed a community of artists from the Punjab town of Chiniot, who’s ancestors had worked on many great palaces and temples dating back to the Mogal Empire.

It was not long before truck owners followed suite with their own designs. Through the years the materials used have developed from wood and paint to metal, tinsel, plastic and reflective tape. Within the last few years trucks and buses have been further embellished with full lighting systems.

This art is so Pakistani, that the freight trucks which are built by Ford, General Motors, Hino Pak etc in beautiful aerodynamic shapes are first retro-fitted with very Pakistani stlye bodies and a special ‘viewing deck’ at the top of Driver’s cab. The ‘viewing deck’ is a very multipurpose extra space. It is used by ‘cleaners’ to sleep at night and also to load extra luggage when needed.
Truck Art

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Postcards from Hell: 4. Hospitality (via South of West)

This will be old hat to those of you who know Pakistan. But anyone who believes it is a failed state peopled by Western-hating suicide bombers will be surprised to learn that Pakistanis have taken the art of hospitality to a completely new level. Barely a day goes by without an invitation to a dinner, tea or meat roasting from someone that I met in a lift weeks ago. No interview is conducted until I have been completely and fully rehydrated. And … Read More

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Postcards from Hell: 2. Murree Beer (via South of West)

Postcards from Hell: 2. Murree Beer   Murree beer may remind me of sixth form home brew experiments – and I gather their whisky is not what it used to be – but if there’s one thing I know about failed states it’s that they tend not to brew their own beer or distill their own spirits. In failed states, the committed imbiber has to buy Ethiopian gin. And drink it on a hotel rooftop mixed with luke warm Fanta.  The story of the Gin Fanta can wait for another day. For now, rest assured … Read More

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The truth about Che Guevara

The History of Ernesto Che Guevara, by Jeremiah Warren, is a video that should be watched by every “rebel” that wears a Che Guevara t-shirt. (I have one too 😛 !!!!)

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#Pakistan: 10 Days After 10 Years

Some guy visits Pakistan after ten years and what is great is the simplicity with which he describes a lot of what we forget because we live here. We’re so tainted with our own views that we forget some of the simpler and more beautiful things here. Great photographs and a lack of pretension makes this a great watch.

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