Port Grand Asia’s Biggest Food Street in Karachi

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Asia’s Biggest Food Street Port Grand Karachi is situated on a 19th century bridge known as Netty Jetty. This Food Street is a Billion dollar project completed by a company called New Work. Food on the street ranges from authentic Pakistan to american fast food at a reasonable price.

(Pictures Source: Port Grand Facebook Page)


#Usman Riaz ( #Pakistan Got #Talent )

I first saw Usman Riaz on Uth Reconds and was amazed by his talent. I personally felt his talents in that song were not really used well. Now Usman Riaz’s video is launched by EMI-Pakistan where he is playing Fire Fly. The Vdo is so so but most importantly it shows this kids Class.

(Source :EMI Pakistan)


Alayna & Nael

Hello little one how are you
Heard you have a big sister
I have one too
Giving you a heads up
About thing you are going to go through
She’ll Push you around and Give you orders
You’ll tease her senseless
Unless she starts thinking you are not useless
She’ll have your back in all your fights
She’ll do your homework help you survive

Then She will go to another house
You will feel sad yet happy for her
Knowing she’ll love you all her life
She’ll give you nieces and nephews
Who will make your day
Such happiness I can’t explain
Love Your sister like I do mine
May you both have a joyous life…


Me & My Sister

#Light In The#Darkness !!! #MothersDay

When sun goes down,
And darkness consumes you,
When it rains,
And you are about to drown,
When you need help,
And all hands are withdrawn,
When you feel gloomy,
And all hope is lost,
Holding my hand tight,
Beaming light in darkness,
Pulling me up,
Not letting me drown,
Helping me,
Giving me hope,
Ambition & drive,
Yes this is she,
My life,
My strength,
My light,
My hope,

By R@X@
My Mom !!!

#Pakistan: 10 Days After 10 Years

Some guy visits Pakistan after ten years and what is great is the simplicity with which he describes a lot of what we forget because we live here. We’re so tainted with our own views that we forget some of the simpler and more beautiful things here. Great photographs and a lack of pretension makes this a great watch.

(Source :SMirza)