Keep Expectations Low Pakistan

Pakistan the land of the pure and the defender of Muslims around the world. This is the Pakistan that most of the Pakistani know and want. It doesn’t matter what I want or how I want Pakistan to be; Majority of Pakistani consider Pakistan as the Fort of Islam; a country built on the basis of Islam and a country that should embody Islamic laws. I have been lucky enough to meet people from different parts of Pakistan, with different economic and cultural background and can safely say with clarity and honesty most people in Pakistan are conservative and believe the notion that Pakistan is the fort of Islam.

I have no problem with this notion and respect majorities opinion being a democrat but the problem arises when people start to give examples of Saudia Arabia, Dubai and Iran. Their implementation of Islamic laws and their way of governance. So here a few nuggets for people to chew on before giving advice or quoting these countries. Lets start with Saudia Arabia

Saudia Arabia: Actually it is Kingdom of Saudia Arabia. Our savior and friends. It has been there to support Pakistan when ever we require assistance and has flourished Pakistan with aid and help. That is the Saudi state I hear about. The Saudia I know is when I went for Umrah in 1997; as a 13 year old all I remember green lights at the Jeddah Airport and an extremely rude Arab man screaming instructions at people on the immigration counter that too in Arabic; If you don’t know Arabic hard luck. That may be just one man but I have heard countless tales by people who visited Saudia of being treated like Dogs. There is a certain uneasiness you feel when there and that should not be the case in a place where you go for inner peace and be closer to God. I wont get into conspiracy theories into who the Sauds are or how they rule but the following documentary by PBS is quite interesting and should be seen by all Pakistanis

Dubai: Ah !!! Dubai the solution to all Pakistan’s problem be more like Dubai; that what I hear a lot !!! It is a Kingdom; that benefited from Pakistan’s inability to see the potential of its money making ports. Never the less give credit where due Dubai is awesome in every sense; modern yet conservative and there are laws ( So why cant Pakistan be more like Dubai;

  1. It is a City not a Country; Entire UAE is not like Dubai.
  2. Its a Kingdom
  3. Population of Dubai is 2.106 million (2013) and Population of Pakistan 179.2 million  and Population of Largest city  Pakistan Karachi is 9.339 million that too according to a census that was conducted in 1998. (These figures are according  to a quick Google search)
  4. Only  17% UAE nationals live in Dubai & the rest 83%  are Ex-Pats who live under constant threat of being deported from UAE even for minor offences. So one has to live by their rules or leave
  5. Dubai has a big brother who saved for rainy day called Abu-Dhabi

Iran: The revolution most people in Pakistan crave for; the uncle who always says you will see there will be an Iran like revolution. So Iran where honey and milk flow from the streams and every one lives happily under the guidance of the supreme leader. Most of Irans’s population is Shiite; so laws and policies are according to that sect. Pakistan has 32% Shiite population while the rest are Sunni; and than there are further divided in multiple sects of Sunnis; so getting all these sects to come under one banner and agreeing on an Islamic law is something I don’t see happening. Iran is oil rich but is under international sanctions due to the bravado they showed during the Ahmed-di-Nijaad’s presidency. Ah Ahmed-di-Nijaad the role model for all leaders; the simple man; who sleeps on the floor; wears simple cloths and is the man of the people. Atleast for me any one who has their pictures taken while sleeping on the floor is fake and a show off.  Please ask Iranians about Ahmed-di-Nijaad  before making him a hero please.

So I have made peace with the fact that when and if we ever eventually become a nation; Pakistan will be a conservative Saudia, Iran, Dubai wannabe state; It does not matter what I want as I am less than 10% of the entire population who dreams of a different progressive path for Pakistan.  Like most Pakistani’s I have a favorite country I want Pakistan to be like; that is Turkey (Best of the Worst). For me the best outcome would be for Pakistan to be more like Turkey (which also completed a full circle and now has a conservative Erdogan’s AKP in Power). I am also a realist and would not keep my self  in illusions and I am preparing my self for the time when the above will be true and I suggest others to do so too. If you have problems with the Path Pakistan will take time to consider your future plan is now.

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Shit Happens Part 1

If you want to live in Pakistan or You don’t have a choice in that matter these survival tips may help you.


TIP 1:
Avoid watching News Channels. If you are unable to avoid watching them watch the news and keep reminding your self that “As long as its not me its all ok”.


TIP 2:
Avoid eye contact with street children and in case you unconsciously do; pay them some change and think instead of begging he should be working then roll your window and forget about him.


TIP 3:
If police stops you and asks for bribe negotiate and give it to them. Don’t forget to curse them once you are back in your car and think of ways to justify you not having the right papers, being drunk, stoned, breaking traffic rule, tinted windows e.t.c.


TIP 4:
Steal electricity, as why should you pay as half the time there is no electricity.


TIP 5:
Be prepared to take part in Mob activity. Burn tyres on roads as they barely exist anyway and as long as its not your business, car or home burning; join in since every one is already doing it. It will help in reducing the stress.


We are 16th most happy Nation In The World


Wohooo we are 16th most happy nation in the world!!!! Is that really a good thing with all things considered?? We have a weak economy, we are being droned, people dying everywhere and all government systems failing… Well it says allot about us as people. I know you are thinking resilient right but you are wrong as I recently read a tweet after the blasphemy protests in Karachi where people lost their lives and in 2 days Karachi was back to normal …. The tweet said

“#Karachi this is not “RESILIENCE” its called “I DON”T GIVE A S**T IF ITS NOT ME””

This survey shows I am Happy because I am Ignorant, Stupid and Inhumane and gone immune to suffering and parade of dead bodies. All I am left with is two words “Shit happens”.

Just today there was a random target killing outside my office and one of my office mates was an eye witness…. He saw 4 guys on 2 bikes wearing helmet shoot at a car and killed a man and get away. He came in the office told everyone. We all said damn things are bad and moved on don’t know about my mate who saw a man die in front of his eyes but everyone else continued with their life …. Chilled watching Cricket semi final.

There are countless incidents where we just move on like nothing happened. Is it a good thing or a bad thing I don’t know? Moving on for me is a good thing but moving on too quickly leaves a bit of bad taste in my mouth but what do I know I am the guy who references tweets and facebook statuses.

So allot of things contributed to this rant I Just saw the latest episode of homeland which really sucked … we lost the semis then I read a friends status saying

“Terrorism , depleting economic situation , non existent healthcare and educational facilities for the masses ,sectarian violence and corruption but still PAKISTANIS are the 16th most happiest bunch of nation in the world ( out 151 countries) according to new economics foundation survey… ”

(Pakistan among top 20 happiest countries, beating India, US: Report)

That just flipped a switch, So since that is out of the way did any of you see the new big bang theory episode really good right …..

I don’t blame us as this is the only way we can live in Pakistan. You either move on or get demoralised and scared all the time…. So Ya we are Happy cause being Sad is not an option or simple answer could be we have gone completely in insane.

How I Learned to Love Twitter

Twitter Logo
When I first heard about Twitter I scoffed, rolled my eyes and placed it on my ‘Not to Do’ list. Since then, I’ve had to eat my words. At that time everyone was on MySpace and Facebook was beginning to grow in popularity. With both sites merging the functions of e-mail, instant messaging, photo and event sharing and a range of other activities into the one handy website, I simply couldn’t comprehend how a site limited to 140 characters hope to compete with these juggernauts of social networking. The site moved to the back of my mind and didn’t come to my attention for the next year or so. By not really taking part in the site and only watching from the outside I found it hard to engage, and soon lost interest. Fast forward to the start of 2010, I started Twitting to promote my blog, engaging in discussions and getting regular rants out of my system. I stumbled through the site, slowly learning how to use it. When I Plugged in the contacts list from my e-mail I was surprised to learn a lot of my friends used the site. After learning about hash tags (#)I started posting more content from my blog. I expected nothing to come from it; Instead what I got was three times the traffic I used to get. I am now following a very interesting array of people from sports, media to interesting people with interests similar to mine. More I use twitter more I realise how powerful it is. I tend to get most of my news and information from it now. Though I blame twitter for ruining my book reading time as once you get on your twitter timeline its hard to stop.

So what’s the morale of the story?

The age old maxim of “Don’t knock it until you try it” holds very true in this scenario- Twitter has already outdone my wildest expectations, and I’ve only been on it for a few years. I dare say the best is yet to come. Secondly, if you’re interested in working in media, PR or communications and aren’t on Twitter, then ask yourself why not? As far as networking and publication tools go Twitter is free, easy to use and opens your world to local and international experts in your chosen field. So go ahead make your Twitter Account.

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PTA Bans The Word “Mango”. Mind==Blown ……

Pakistan telecommunication Authority PTA has issued a list of abusive words to be banned Which include Mango, Taxi and many other common words. Here is a short animation telling us why.

PTA Mango Ban

If you want to be amazed and have your Mind Blown you can download this Fantastic List from this Site. I would also take this opportunity to thank PTA for this list as I have learned a lot of new words today.

 Mind- Blown

Image Source: Media Giphy

I Explore Pakistan !!

This is by far the best Pakistani Site by Danial Shah a landscape photographer based in Pakistan. Anything I say cant express how good this site is. He has covered all Four Provinces of Pakistan with breath taking photographs.
Follow Danial Shah On twitter and This is his Personal Website.

My Armour

You taught me to swim,
So that I don’t drown,
You made me bridges,
So that I can cross,
You protected me,
When I was fragile,
You showed me the way,
When I was lost,
You fought for me,
When I was attacked,
You taught me how to fight,
When I was weak,
You taught me everything,
You are my Inspiration,
Yes this is he,
My Teacher,
My Armour,
My saviour,
My mentor,

By R@X@