PTA Bans The Word “Mango”. Mind==Blown ……

Pakistan telecommunication Authority PTA has issued a list of abusive words to be banned Which include Mango, Taxi and many other common words. Here is a short animation telling us why.

PTA Mango Ban

If you want to be amazed and have your Mind Blown you can download this Fantastic List from this Site. I would also take this opportunity to thank PTA for this list as I have learned a lot of new words today.

 Mind- Blown

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Bye Bye BlackBerry in UAE !!! UAE, Saudi Arabia to Implement BlackBerry Bans!!!

Multi-billionaires in Dubai and Abu Dhabi may soon have more trouble doing business on the go, as officials in the United Arab Emirates have announced that as of October, BlackBerry users will no longer be able to send e-mails or instant messages within the country. As the New York Times reports, Sunday’s announcement comes after a lengthy standoff between the Middle East nation and Research in Motion (RIM), which produces the BlackBerry. Because encrypted data sent via BlackBerrys are automatically routed to servers located outside of the UAE, it’s difficult for Emirate authorities to monitor user activity. RIM has thus far refused to meet the UAE’s demands, although the looming threat of a ban, as the country’s telecom regulator told the BBC, will certainly put the Canadian company under serious pressure.

Should the ban go into effect, it could severely hamper RIM’s business not only in the UAE, which boasts an estimated 500,000 BlackBerry users, but throughout the Middle East as well. Authorities in Saudi Arabia, for example, are already planning on instituting a ban on BBs next month, while regulators in Kuwait and Bahrain have begun raising similar concerns over RIM’s services.

Mohammed al-Ghanem, director general of UAE’s telecom regulatory body, claims that “censorship has got nothing to do with” Sunday’s decision, and cited RIM’s “lack of compliance with UAE telecommunications regulations” as the decisive factor. And, considering the UAE’s history of electronic monitoring, its hardened stance isn’t all that surprising. Although the country has developed into a hub of global finance, it’s “never been a place that offered much in the way of electronic privacy,” says Dubai scholar and author Jim Krane. After the January assassination of a Palestinian operative in a Dubai hotel, the government only ramped up security and began more closely monitoring messages sent within its borders.

RIM now finds itself in a precarious spot. The circumstances, at first glance, may seem similar to Google’s lingering dispute with China. Unlike search engines, though, smartphones are, by definition, used primarily to facilitate direct communication among businessmen, politicians, or, perhaps, militant extremists. It’s understandable that RIM wouldn’t want the rest of the world to see it “cave in” to a regime, but doing business worldwide means dealing with multitudinous cultures and practices.

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May day May Day !!! Facebook is down !!!!

Dear PTA
It all started from 13th of May, I started receiving invitations to join Groups condemning EDMD which I declined as I didn’t want to be an idiot and promote that day which people who were joining that group did. I did not know about it until I got these invites. I knew about the South Park controversy in states but didn’t have a clue about EDMD, so I was informed about this group from the groups condemning it (I know people who joined those should be feeling a bit sick that they promoted that day). Knowing a bit about Pakistani Politics and Religious Parties I knew this would get out of hand (My thoughts were with McDonalds in my home town Hyderabad Pakistan). Some parties thrive on such issues and destroy our own property. Something similar happened when the Dutch Idiot drew the cartoon, when geniuses of these parties thought burning KFC and damaging infrastructure in Pakistan will help in getting back at the Dutch and the brilliant emails telling people to stop using Dutch products (I need to tell people of Pakistan a secret “They didn’t give a Damn if u stop using their product”) . In comparison to those events I think this time it was a little better and we destroyed less of our own infrastructure. From 15th of May I started receiving don’t use Facebook for 20th and 21st may as a sign of protest and cause Facebook to lose advert money (Again Pakistan, we are peanuts for Facebook and without peanuts Facebook would be able to control its blood pressure i.e. load on their site, so in a way if u don’t come on Facebook for two days you will be doing Facebook a favour). Then the D-DAY 18th May 2010 I receive a BBM from my cousin in Pakistan that Facebook has been banned in Pakistan. The Lahore high court ordered PTA to ban Facebook (The same court which talked about civil liberties, freedom of speech and democracy a year back when they were banned in Pakistan). I seriously hope that people who wanted the ban were not aware of the fact that if Facebook is banned in Pakistan that page will still be available for rest of the world. Then it turned out Pakistani internet users were among the toughest to stop from doing something, Facebook statuses started coming “BLOCKED WHAT BLOCKED I AM STILL HERE” ( Actually I was not amazed about that we get top Software for Rs.30 !!!! we use Adobe Photo Shop for simple Image Cropping, so finding ways to access Facebook for users wasn’t that hard). Then there were those who accessed Facebook bypassing the ban and updated their statuses in support of the ban. A cat and mouse game began, people accessed facebook and PTA(Pakistan Telecom Authority) with the help of some traitor mice started banning proxy site, mobile access and finally BB(Back berry)services were cut off. That stopped allot of people from accessing Facebook for a day. After that Twitter became Pakistan’s Facebook ban crises centre with tag #FBBANPK. People started having fun with the ban with clever one liners like “I totally support PTA for teaching us a lesson of having an actual life outside facebook…life of real frandships #fbbanpk” “I think PTA and LHC just wanted some publicity or they just love to annoy us. #fbbanpk”and my favourite “I tell you this whole facebook block conspiracy is by twitter #fbbanpk”, then there was ganging up on people who supported the ban with occasional how to access Facebook advice. Then PTA(Pakistan Telecom Authority) high on its newly found power banned youtube too because of some anti-islamic vdos which were there for years (PTA you know if u report abuse on a vdo it gets removed from you tube fairly quickly). Next wikis and google blogger were banned (I think PTA were on google and wrote anti islam and started banning complete sites instead of those pages Good Plan next ban google!!!). After these bans some people who were in favour of the ban started to realise what many anti ban people feared from the Beginning that PTA(Pakistan Telecom Authority) would ban any website without any explanation. Rumours started to emerge twitter was next but no more bans were imposed and to relieve of majority of Pakistani internet users Porn was still available on Internet. If they banned porn Pakistani internet traffic would be zero (let me get this right PTA you banned all things that were taking Pakistanis off porn addiction). While writing this I came to know youtube ban has been lifted and limited access to wikis is available in Pakistan now and Yes porn is still available.

Adil Raza Shaikh
Currently living in UK

Dutch government to ban cannabis sales to tourists

Alarmed by the side effects of its tolerant approach to soft drugs, the Dutch government announced plans this week to limit drug tourism by reserving hundreds of cannabis-vending coffee shops for locals.

“The sale of hashish and cannabis in coffee shops must be limited and aimed solely at the local user,” said a cabinet statement on Friday, days before a mayoral ban on Marijuana sales enters into force for eight such shops near the Belgian border.

Faced with the dilemma of criminal control over cannabis cultivation and the “nuisance” created by millions of drug tourists a year, authorities have been taking an increasingly tougher stance on recreational drugs.
Some analysts point to a growing conservatism under the Christian Democrat-led government.

In the clearest indication yet of its global vision for the future, the cabinet on Friday broadly adopted the advice of a committee it had appointed to help in a review of national drug policy.

The commission said in July “the situation has gotten out of hand”, advising that “coffee shops should again become what they were originally meant to be: vending points for local users and not large-scale suppliers to consumers from neighbouring countries.”

The cabinet said it wanted to “limit the nuisance and crime risks”.

“The consensus is that it should be much more difficult for tourists to buy from Dutch coffee shops,” justice ministry spokeswoman Karen Temmink explained.

A draft new drugs policy is to be presented to parliament by year-end.

The Netherlands decriminalised the consumption and possession of under five grams of cannabis in 1976. There are some 700 licensed coffee shops.

Paradoxically, cultivation remains illegal and the two-billion-euro-a-year industry, according to police, is effectively in the hands of the criminal underworld.

In another unintended consequence, several border towns complain of the burdens associated with a weekly influx of tens of thousands of tourists, mainly Belgian, French and German.

Among recent steps taken to deal with these problems, Amsterdam has said it would halve its number of coffee shops, citing criminality, while other cities are to close those within a certain radius of schools.

In the southern Limburg province, 30 coffee shops announced recently they would become private members’ clubs from next year and reduce the daily limit from five to three grams per person.

Patrons would require membership cards and a Dutch debit card to pay with, effectively cutting off tourists.

The Limburg move is backed by the national government, and is one of several pilot projects whose results will be incorporated in its new policy.

Roosendaal and Bergen-op-Zoom, two other southern border councils, announced last year that their eight coffee shops would be interdicted from selling cannabis from next Wednesday in a bid to push back some 25,000 drug tourists per week.

This should make an end, the mayors explained, to the long lines of foreign cars on their roads, hundreds of youths hovering outside coffee shops on weekends, and illegal drug dealers attracted by their presence.

The owners of the eight coffee shops challenged the mayors’ actions in court on Friday. Judgment is expected next Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the two municipalities have launched a campaign to inform youths about the pending changes, including a three-minute video clip entitled, It is over, to be shown in cinemas in nearby Antwerp in Belgium.

The clip shows three Belgian tourists arriving to find the doors of their favourite coffee shop closed. They end up in a police van after an encounter with illegal dealers.

Though the video clip has a humorous undertone, the message couldn’t be more serious. From Wednesday, “law enforcement will be stepped up to put an immediate stop to any illegal street sales”, Roosendaal spokesman Dirk Timmers told AFP.

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