SEIL Bag Concept Adds Turn Signals To Your Bike – Lessens Your Chances Of Dying


Winner of a 2010 Red Dot Design award, the SEIL (Safe Enjoy Interact Light) bag concept was created by Lee Myung Su to provide a safer way for cyclists to signal. Technically when signaling with their hands a cyclist is only riding their bike with the other hand, which can be dangerous. So the SEIL fixes that problem with an LED-equipped backpack and a detachable wireless remote which can be mounted on the handlebars. And besides signaling your turning intentions, the SEIL bag can also be used to let others on the road know when you’re about to slam on the brakes, or even if there is an emergency.

SEIL bag by Lee Myung Su design lab from Ben on Vimeo.

By Andrew Liszewski

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TomTom Now Offering Looney Tunes Voices

Tom tom

If TomTom’s Star Wars voice offerings aren’t doing it for you, particularly their not so spot-on impersonation of Han Solo, maybe you’ll prefer their new Looney Tunes options. Of course you’ll have to settle for today’s Looney Tunes voices given Mel Blanc is no longer around to record custom directions, with Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam available at launch followed by Daffy Duck and Sylvester in October and a couple with Pepé le Pew (including one for the ladies) in November. And like with the Star Wars voices the new Looney Tunes ones are $12.95 each

By Andrew Liszewski

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The world’s most successful interweb search engines are using the famous PageRank Algorithm. It works by pushing up the search engines pages which are already popular. In other words, ‘the rich get richer.’ To address this issue, Really Magazine has commissioned and implemented an experimental alpha version of the UnderDogs Algorithm.

Using a well known search engine as the core, Inframutt is trained to automatically fetch and display the least popular results for any given search. Inframutt simply takes the most unnoticed and obscure of the search engine results and forces it to the top of the list (instead of the bottom).

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Rant Number 1

Rant 1
Every one I meet, see and hear is running in a rat race. Every one tells me I should run too but may be I am flat foot or just damn lazy, I just don’t get what’s the rush. Either I am not in touch with the current trends or may be I have been in isolation for so long that I have missed the train that led to materialism. Don’t get me wrong I love good things and I buy a lot of stuff but not for showing off or to get peer approval I buy it for my self. Every ones changing more and more people in my circle have started to assess people on what they have rather than who they are. I have been around some of the best people and seeing them change into approval seeking wannabes makes me want to help them get out of this rat race but I have no clue how? Or may be I do may be this rant will help them. At some level we all seek peer approval but to alter your whole life, career choice or even buying something just because some one else has it is crossing the line, at least in my view. We all dislike people who put price tags on every thing yet I see most people doing that these days, I am no saint but bragging about how much you bought a shoe for is just let keep it clean ill use words not classy. I love to chat but talking about he has that and I have that makes me want to puke, why is this world being transformed into approval seeking wannabes, may be tv or general human nature ; what ever it is I don’t like it. Any resemblance to any one I know is not coincidental it deliberate. Rant Over
Peace !!!

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After Every Rainfall Must Come A Rainbow !!!!


Plzzz help Pakistan

Unhear It

Unhear It
Do you have a song stuck in your head and you can’t get it out no matter what you do. Unhear It can help. They just let you listen to a random song instead.
Using the latest techniques in reverse-auditory-melodic-unstickification technology, we’ve been able to allow our users to ‘unhear’ songs by hearing equally catchy songs. So all we’re doing is making you forget your old song by replacing it with another one… sorry.

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Vision of Humanity offers beautiful infographics on the state of the planet

Vision of Humanity is one of the most beautiful and thorough visualizations that I have recently seen.

It’s a zoomable Flash world map, which lets you browse and compare a vast number of “peace indicators,” such as level of violent crime, access to weapons, jailed population, relations with neighboring countries, and more.

You view a world heat map, which shows where that index is most prevalent. You can zoom in on a specific country and browse through all of its indicators, and you can compare two or more countries.

The site takes all of these indicators and derives a single number, which it calls the “peace index.” At a glance, you can basically see which countries are the most peaceful and which ones rank worst on the list.

As per usual with these tools, the tool itself is very impressive, but I cannot say that I fully trust the data. The data comes from an entity that calls itself the Institute for Economics & Peace, which is an incredibly nebulous name. Even reading their About page didn’t improve my level of trust in this “institute.” There’s a Wikipedia entry about them, so they seem to be real. I cannot, however, vouch for the quality of the data.

Still, from a technology/design viewpoint, this is an impressive visualization that I could easily spend a great deal of time with, discovering new (if troubling) facts.

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