Domize offers fast, powerful, find-as-you-type domain name search


Coming up with a good domain name these days is akin to finding a parking spot in New-York. Accordingly, tools for finding free domain names abound, and most of them offer some sort of a “brainstorming interface”. The idea is to help you come up with a domain name nobody (including yourself) considered before.

Domize is one of the nicer attempts at this sort of thing. At its simplest form, it’s a very fast find-as-you-type service for free domain names. As you type each new letter in the name of your domain, Domize quickly checks whether or not that domain name is free for .com, .net, .org, .co, .us and .biz.

But as I said, that’s just scratching the surface of what Domize can do. Click Options and you can change the TLDs (top-level-domains, such as .at, .me and others), toggle the find-as-you-type functionality, and change the domain registrar used.

Once you’re done tweaking the options, click Advanced to find out what neat syntax directives Domize supports. It actually has its own expression language: You can type something such as [like:cool] to search for synonyms of the word “cool” ( is up for grabs, by the way).

When you finally find a domain you like, hovering over the TLD shows a pop-up with price quotes from several different registrars, usually with significant differences in price. This is a beautiful tool.

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Simple Times

Ya those were the days
When skies were blue
Grass was green

Sitting on a see saw
Balancing each other out
Running to the slides
Sliding through life
Pushing you on the swing
Helping you fly

Ya those were the days
When skies were blue
Grass was green

Playing in your garden
With the sprinklers turned on
Making tents from bed sheets
With bonfire from a broken chair
Digging a hole
Cause you saw coal

Ya those were the days
When skies were blue
Grass was green

Checking time through out the night
Waiting for Sun to Arise
Pairing in groups
Fighting over toys
Crying Foul
When you loose

Ya those were the days
When skies were blue
Grass was green

By R@X@

This slideshow requires JavaScript. helps get your creative juices flowing


Writer’s block is a drag. You just sit there staring at the full-screen, distraction-free editor that you spent forever tweaking so it would be just right. You’re all set up to write, and … nothing comes. Blank. The cursor blinks, the clock ticks by, and everything you can think of just seems trite and boring, like a stereotype of a story rather than the story you wish you could write.

Of course, I’m not talking about myself! Consider this a general comment on the human condition. I just found something that might come in handy if you ever find yourself in a similar situation: it’s a neat little Web service called oneword.

As you might expect, oneword gives you just a single word, and then it has you write about it. What’s not implied in the name is that you get just 60 seconds to do this. One word, 60 seconds, go!

It is a pretty invigorating experience. I couldn’t not write, really. Once your time is up, a small form pops up where you can email your text to yourself.

The service is free, and you can also open an account so that you don’t have to keep filling in your email and can access a few other features, such as “word ups” – a way to give and receive feedback for pieces of writing.

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#HD #TV on Your #PC !!!

Watch live TV in HD. Pay per view and HD movies on demand. The ultimate virtual TV experience. No hardware needed just download the free player now and test drive before you join.
Its sounds too good to be true but it is. I have been looking for Internet tv for as long as I have had internet with Real Player G2 to other crappy software. I have yet to see a software that is so smooth and vdo quality is awesome. All I can say is Wow !!!!!

Create Your Own #Comic lets you make #Marvel like strips and #books

Super Hero Squad
So it turns out that Marvel has a whole line of kid-friendly characters under the moniker Super Hero Squad. I like it already! And it gets even better, because I’ve just found that they also have a Create Your Own Comic feature on their site. It’s a full-featured comic strip generator similar to previously featured ToonDoo and Toonlet, but the graphics really set it apart from the competition.

This is pure Marvel. It’s beautiful stuff, really. You can either create a comic strip or an entire comic book. I selected a single strip, and I was then offered a number of possible layouts, ranging from the standard three-block strip to the funky layout that you see in the screenshot above.

You then get a palette of backgrounds, characters, objects, dialogue bubbles, and “sound effects” (those are the “ZZZATTP” and “Krunch” above). There are tons of options in each category, except for one. For some reason you only get five objects to choose from and they’re all surprisingly mundane: a cellphone, desktop computer, laptop, office phone, and a chair. Yes, a chair. How exciting is that?

Objects aside, you do get many characters and some seriously beautiful backgrounds — and it’s just plain fun.

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#World #Population #Growth #Infographic

Just how much is the world’s population expected to grow over the next 40 years? Here’s a look at how the massive population growth over the past 60 years has impacted the world we live in and what to expect as the world population continues to grow.

Population Growth

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A #Rough #Guide To The #World showcases our beautiful #planet and #IE9 #hardware acceleration

This one’s mainly for Internet Explorer 9 users: When you first load the Rough Guides‘ A Rough Guide To The World, you find yourself staring at a map — it’s divided into many many tiny little squares, and each one has a spinner.

After a short while, the spinners start disappearing, replaced by tiny thumbnails. Click on a thumbnail, and get a beautiful Creative-Commons photo of that location, courtesy of Flickr. You will often get much more than one photo — sometimes even thousands. The tool includes a nice way of browsing them all, in a sort of internal gallery.

The initial thumbnails are tiny, so you can zoom in on whatever part of the globe you find interesting. But there’s a more interesting way to get a closer look: a loupe that you can drag around to look at the map. There’s a beautiful effect showing the thumbnails enlarged through the loupe (they’re kind of distorted), but more importantly, the loupe lets you filter the thumbnails: You can filter by “experience type” (think “Eating”, “Shopping”, “Festivals”), see all places included as “Experiences” (which contain a bit more detail), or show everything. There’s also an option to show a “Rough Guides Map” but it’s not very clear – I couldn’t figure out exactly what this does.

The whole thing is HTML5 and feels incredibly slick. It’s a promotional piece both for IE9 and the Rough Guides series, but it does work on other browsers — and I wish all marketing would be this beautiful and useful.

here is a short video tour.

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