The Festive Funk Machine


Create your own Festive Funk music by using the The Festive Funk Machine.

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The Earth Index

Cost Of Living

Eardex is a free web portal providing an overview on the cost of living in all towns and cities, regions and countries of the world. For this purpose, the database collects and shows the local prices of more than 40 specific products. Eardex is the perfect source of information for backpackers, tourists, business travelers, expats and globetrotters of all kinds.

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Startup Pitch Generator


If you’re not very creative, Nonstartr is a startup pitch generator that will generate nonsensical startup pitches for you.

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Keep Me Out (Are You Addicted To A Website?)

Are you addicted to a website? Do you want to cut down on your visits but don’t know how? KeepMeOut can help. KeepMeOut creates custom, timed bookmarks that give it to you straight when you’re visiting a site too frequently. To create a bookmark for your favorite time-sink, you simply plug in the site address and specify how long a period of time should elapse before KeepMeOut warns you against visiting it.

From there out, when you use the time-tracked bookmark, it will either allow you to pass through to the site or direct you to a reminder page that tells you how long it’s been since your last visit.

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All Newspapers Of The World On A Single Page

When news breaks in some part of the world, you are often curious to know what the local newspapers of that country have to say on that event. The question is how do you find all the good news outlets of that region?

Enter Newspaper Map, a comprehensive catalogue of all the prominent newspapers of the world arranged on a Google Map. You can zoom-in to any region of the map, or use the search feature, to see the names all of the major newspapers that are published from a particular region.

More info on Newspaper Map.

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Domize offers fast, powerful, find-as-you-type domain name search


Coming up with a good domain name these days is akin to finding a parking spot in New-York. Accordingly, tools for finding free domain names abound, and most of them offer some sort of a “brainstorming interface”. The idea is to help you come up with a domain name nobody (including yourself) considered before.

Domize is one of the nicer attempts at this sort of thing. At its simplest form, it’s a very fast find-as-you-type service for free domain names. As you type each new letter in the name of your domain, Domize quickly checks whether or not that domain name is free for .com, .net, .org, .co, .us and .biz.

But as I said, that’s just scratching the surface of what Domize can do. Click Options and you can change the TLDs (top-level-domains, such as .at, .me and others), toggle the find-as-you-type functionality, and change the domain registrar used.

Once you’re done tweaking the options, click Advanced to find out what neat syntax directives Domize supports. It actually has its own expression language: You can type something such as [like:cool] to search for synonyms of the word “cool” ( is up for grabs, by the way).

When you finally find a domain you like, hovering over the TLD shows a pop-up with price quotes from several different registrars, usually with significant differences in price. This is a beautiful tool.

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The Codeorgan analyses the ‘body’ content of a web site and translates that content into music. The Codeorgan uses a complex algorithm to define the key, synth style, and drum pattern most appropriate to the page content.

What does your web site sound like?

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