Keep Me Out (Are You Addicted To A Website?)

Are you addicted to a website? Do you want to cut down on your visits but don’t know how? KeepMeOut can help. KeepMeOut creates custom, timed bookmarks that give it to you straight when you’re visiting a site too frequently. To create a bookmark for your favorite time-sink, you simply plug in the site address and specify how long a period of time should elapse before KeepMeOut warns you against visiting it.

From there out, when you use the time-tracked bookmark, it will either allow you to pass through to the site or direct you to a reminder page that tells you how long it’s been since your last visit.

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Specialized Beats

North-Carolina-based sound designer and composer Roger Lima of WhiteNoise Lab took a microphone and a bike to make music. The beat was made only with bicycle sounds. The only processing effects used were compressor, distortion, delay and EQ.

Specialized Beats from WhiteNoise | Lab on Vimeo.

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What happens on the Internet every 60 seconds

Shanghai Web Designers.

By Rosa Golijan

Let’s say that it takes you exactly one minute to read through this post. In that time, over 6,600 photos will be uploaded to Flickr, about 70 new domains will be registered, over 1,200 new ads will be created on Craigslist, and more. Here’s what happens on the Internet every 60 seconds.
Now keep in mind that the data below and the infographic above come from the Shanghai Web Designers team. We have done our best to confirm that the statistics provided line up with known data, but you should still take everything with a hefty serving of salt.
That disclaimer aside and without further ado, here’s what’s happening each minute:

Search engine Google serves more that 694,445 queries

6,600+ pictures are uploaded to Flickr

600 videos are uploaded to YouTube, amounting to 25+ hours of content

695,000 status updates, 79,364 wall posts and 510,040 comments are published on social networking site Facebook

70 new domains are registered

168,000,000+ emails are sent

320 new accounts and 98,000 tweets are generated on social networking site Twitter

iPhone applications are downloaded more than 13,000 times

20,000 new posts are published on micro-blogging platform Tumblr

Popular web browser FireFox is downloaded more than 1,700 times

Popular blogging platform WordPress is downloaded more than 50 times

WordPress Plugins are downloaded more than 125 times

100 accounts are created on professional networking site LinkedIn

40 new questions are asked on

100+ questions are asked on

1 new article is published on Associated Content, the world’s largest source of community-created content

1 new definition is added on

1,200+ new ads are created on Craigslist

370,000+ minutes of voice calls done by Skype users

13,000+ hours of music streaming is done by personalized Internet radio provider Pandora

1,600+ reads are made on Scribd, the largest social reading publishing company

Impressive? Scary? Overwhelming? We’re not sure. But we do know that a lot happened in the few moments it took to look at this blog post — so you better rush to catch up.

Rosa Golijan writes about tech on MSNBC and there. She’s obsessed with Twitter and loves to be liked on Facebook.

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My Armour

You taught me to swim,
So that I don’t drown,
You made me bridges,
So that I can cross,
You protected me,
When I was fragile,
You showed me the way,
When I was lost,
You fought for me,
When I was attacked,
You taught me how to fight,
When I was weak,
You taught me everything,
You are my Inspiration,
Yes this is he,
My Teacher,
My Armour,
My saviour,
My mentor,

By R@X@

The truth about Che Guevara

The History of Ernesto Che Guevara, by Jeremiah Warren, is a video that should be watched by every “rebel” that wears a Che Guevara t-shirt. (I have one too 😛 !!!!)

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Customize Your Own Barbra Streisand Song (Duck Sauce)

Customize your own Barbra Streisand song with GoBarbra. You can type in some text in different languages (English, French, German, Polish, Romanian, and Spanish) and pick different voices. The result will sound something like this.

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All Newspapers Of The World On A Single Page

When news breaks in some part of the world, you are often curious to know what the local newspapers of that country have to say on that event. The question is how do you find all the good news outlets of that region?

Enter Newspaper Map, a comprehensive catalogue of all the prominent newspapers of the world arranged on a Google Map. You can zoom-in to any region of the map, or use the search feature, to see the names all of the major newspapers that are published from a particular region.

More info on Newspaper Map.

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