We are 16th most happy Nation In The World


Wohooo we are 16th most happy nation in the world!!!! Is that really a good thing with all things considered?? We have a weak economy, we are being droned, people dying everywhere and all government systems failing… Well it says allot about us as people. I know you are thinking resilient right but you are wrong as I recently read a tweet after the blasphemy protests in Karachi where people lost their lives and in 2 days Karachi was back to normal …. The tweet said

“#Karachi this is not “RESILIENCE” its called “I DON”T GIVE A S**T IF ITS NOT ME””

This survey shows I am Happy because I am Ignorant, Stupid and Inhumane and gone immune to suffering and parade of dead bodies. All I am left with is two words “Shit happens”.

Just today there was a random target killing outside my office and one of my office mates was an eye witness…. He saw 4 guys on 2 bikes wearing helmet shoot at a car and killed a man and get away. He came in the office told everyone. We all said damn things are bad and moved on don’t know about my mate who saw a man die in front of his eyes but everyone else continued with their life …. Chilled watching Cricket semi final.

There are countless incidents where we just move on like nothing happened. Is it a good thing or a bad thing I don’t know? Moving on for me is a good thing but moving on too quickly leaves a bit of bad taste in my mouth but what do I know I am the guy who references tweets and facebook statuses.

So allot of things contributed to this rant I Just saw the latest episode of homeland which really sucked … we lost the semis then I read a friends status saying

“Terrorism , depleting economic situation , non existent healthcare and educational facilities for the masses ,sectarian violence and corruption but still PAKISTANIS are the 16th most happiest bunch of nation in the world ( out 151 countries) according to new economics foundation survey… ”

(Pakistan among top 20 happiest countries, beating India, US: Report)

That just flipped a switch, So since that is out of the way did any of you see the new big bang theory episode really good right …..

I don’t blame us as this is the only way we can live in Pakistan. You either move on or get demoralised and scared all the time…. So Ya we are Happy cause being Sad is not an option or simple answer could be we have gone completely in insane.