My Life
Pakistani. TV and Technology Buff. Son, Brother, Husband & Father.

I am working on multiple CRM technologies like Salesforce, MS Dynamic CRM, Blackboad, Luminate CRM e.t.c. I also own and manage an online store Pakistan Homemakers

Salesforce Certified Administrator (SP15)
Salesforce Certified Force.com Developer (SP15)
Luminate Online Blackbaud Solution Provider (BSP)
Luminate CRM Blackbaud Solution Provider (BSP)

My Blog
On my Blog I post some original posts and some re-posts from different websites.websites. In case you are wondering what is Omlette-du-for-Fromage? Ill try and explain it here; its a way of life, these are words that will take you to heights that are unimaginable; Not Really. This Famous line was said by a great scientist and scholar Dexter in 2003. In fact you can Check the exact moment when this line was said in this video Omlette-du-fromage or you check the definition of it here.

All views are my own & not those of my employer.


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