Live Train Map For The London Underground

A map showing all trains on the London Underground network in approximately real time. The yellow pins are stations, the red pins are trains.


New Bus For London

The New Bus for London will use the latest green technology when it launches in 2012. It will meet London Buses’ requirements for vehicles in public service in London, including high standards of accessibility, safety and emissions abatement.

In addition, it will be more durable, more fuel efficient and better ventilated. The bus will incorporate a double-deck and a platform at the rear near-side corner, so passengers will be able to get on and off easily.

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Fun Booth 2 adds World Cup paraphernalia to your photos

Fun Booth 2 is like a souped-up version of the Photo Booth app for Mac, and it now includes all kinds of World Cup props that you can add to your photos.

Adding team-colored beanies, jerseys, and more to your pics is Fun Booth’s trendiest feature, but it’s got other tricks that make it worth a look even after the World Cup. Fun Booth has a library of other props, and it uses facial recognition to make them fit your photo perfectly. It also lets you drag and drop your own props or draw on your photos. There are even some limited photo editing capabilities, like adjusting brightness/contrast and saturation. The full version of Fun Booth 2 is US $19.99, but there’s also a free trial edition that you can download to see if it’s something you want to keep around.

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Gloomy !!! What Gloomy ????


Its 7:00 Am on a Sunday morning I have been up all night, I open my window and take a breath fresh air. I have been in Manchester for more than a year and a half. I am from Pakistan where it rains only in monsoon and when ever it rains you go out get your self wet and enjoy it, special food is prepared its a festive atmosphere. When I was coming to Manchester people were like it rains all the time you will hate it, its always gloomy and so on. My first year in Manchester was rough with my masters and home sickness, and in between those two I never really was able to develop like or dislike for Manchester and its so called Gloomy weather. After my Masters I went back home for two months where winters were just ending and weather was OK ( a bit hot for me but i never left my AC room :p). Now that I am back I have more time on my hands (not my choice, I am unemployed…… yes I am the idiot who came to UK to find a job in this recession that topic would require whole another blog) to evaluate whether I like Manchester and its so called gloomy weather. It started by just gazing out my room window where a lush green lawn would bring smile to my face whenever i see it, the cold weather with drizzle would create an atmosphere which people call gloomy but in my view that was the best weather ( I am from Pakistan we die for days like this) . I had nothing to do so I slept all days and stay awake all night. In the mornings I started gazing out side my window where my green lawn and a bakery and a post office across the road are. ( not making it up I have a bakery Post office and of course a lawn will post the Pics …. ya I know I am smart to rent a house with all the Amenities… got a 24 hour Tesco at 6 Minute walk and a bus stop just outside the drive way Jealous Much. sorry I am drifting again :p). I see people in morning coming to the bakery across the road. I have started staying up all night just so that I can see out side my window from 6-8 AM (for all those who think I have lost my mind may be I have). The calmness, trees, people and the rain made me realize that this is my equivalent of American Dream. I love cold weather, I love greenery, I love Rain and most of all the calmness. Yes I have fallen in Love with Manchester and strangest thing is its the weather that effected me the most.

(I wrote this one year back. Now I have a job but my love for rain and cloudy weather is still there. Ill be going back home for good in a few months and I think ill miss this weather most)

Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez dance MTV Award 2010

Tom Cruise hosted the 2010 MTV Music Awards tonight, reprising his role as the hot-tempered movie executive Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder.

He joined Jennifer Lopez in a hilarious dance to her 2005 hit “Get Right“.
Image Source: Huffington Post
Image Source: Huffington Post
Video For US only

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#Coke Studio is back !!!

There are few things in Pakistan these days that keep us upbeat and positive and coke studio is one of them…….. Check it out !!!
Coke Studio

Pakistan is blessed with not only a rich musical history, but also a multitude of ace performers who have gained global recognition. Coke Studio is one such event which honours traditions while blending current musical trends into it. This exciting fusion has made Coke Studio emerge as an astounding platform for artists. Its first season premiered on June 8, 2008 and included a live audience. The second season, however, did not have a live audience thereby eliminating unnecessary noise. It was premiered on June 14, 2009 and apart from several local artists, it featured the Montreal based band JoSH which had one of the most electrifying performances. “I thought Coke Studio was certainly a very unique experience. I hope it retains its rawness and steers away from too much commercial hype,” says Rup from the international duo.

Now, after the tremendous response to season one and two, Coke Studio is back with season three. Like the earlier two seasons, this season also pairs up various artists. The first episode ‘Reason’ will feature on the leading radio and TV channels nationwide today (June 6). Season three of Coke Studio features Abida Parveen, Arieb Azhar, Arif Lohar, Meesha Shafi, Karavan, Zeb and Haniya, Amanat Ali, Fakir Juman Shah, Noori, Rizwan and Muazzam, Sanam Marvi, Tina Sani, Aunty Disco Project and EP.

Here’s what the performers of Coke Studio 2010 say:

Arif Lohar: “The Coke studio experience was absolutely amazing! I think with this project, Rohail Hyatt has started something, which will be remembered by many generations. Everyone has worked really hard and has done an amazing job.”

Meesha Shafi of Overload: “Coke Studio was very exciting. I believe that both the audio and the visuals of my song with Arif Lohar titled ‘Alif Allah’ have come out really well. I still have to see them with the rest of you as the episode goes on air so it is as much as a surprise for me as it is for the others. When I first heard that Arif Lohar was in the line up I actually requested the managers for collaboration with him. I’m glad that it worked out and I was paired up with him for a song, which everyone says turned out really very well. From the first episode of season three, I am most looking forward to Arieb Azhar because I feel he has done a great job and of course I am also looking forward to the performance of the legendary Abida Parveen. ”

Asad Ahmed of Karavan: “The highlight for me this year was getting to play with all these great artists and also having the new Karavan Album ‘Saara Jahan’ released. We also got to play live on Coke Studio.”

Salman Albert of EP: “My experience with Coke Studio was obviously very good. Indeed it is an honour for any artist when they get a call from Coke Studio. I have diligently followed the first two seasons and I can claim that season three is even better than the first two seasons (which I believe were remarkable). The atmosphere was very professional, the equipment was amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed the recordings. From the first episode, I am most looking forward to Abida Parveen’s performance.”

(Source: Daily Times)

The Reoccurring Prop Newspaper

If you watch enough television shows and movies, then you might even start to notice that a bunch of the same props are used over and over again. I first noticed this with a magazine prop in various television shows including Married With Children, which featured a gum advertisement on the back cover. Someone on Reddit recently put together a compilation of photos from various television shows, commercials and movies, showing how one newspaper prop gets around and is reused, and reused again.
I don’t know the story behind this prop newspaper, but I assume it was created as a royalty free prop for television shows. Somewhere along the line, the prop became a reoccurring gag between propmasters. Something like how sound designers reuse the Wilhem Scream in every movie. Check out some examples after the jump.


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