#Coke Studio is back !!!

There are few things in Pakistan these days that keep us upbeat and positive and coke studio is one of them…….. Check it out !!!
Coke Studio

Pakistan is blessed with not only a rich musical history, but also a multitude of ace performers who have gained global recognition. Coke Studio is one such event which honours traditions while blending current musical trends into it. This exciting fusion has made Coke Studio emerge as an astounding platform for artists. Its first season premiered on June 8, 2008 and included a live audience. The second season, however, did not have a live audience thereby eliminating unnecessary noise. It was premiered on June 14, 2009 and apart from several local artists, it featured the Montreal based band JoSH which had one of the most electrifying performances. “I thought Coke Studio was certainly a very unique experience. I hope it retains its rawness and steers away from too much commercial hype,” says Rup from the international duo.

Now, after the tremendous response to season one and two, Coke Studio is back with season three. Like the earlier two seasons, this season also pairs up various artists. The first episode ‘Reason’ will feature on the leading radio and TV channels nationwide today (June 6). Season three of Coke Studio features Abida Parveen, Arieb Azhar, Arif Lohar, Meesha Shafi, Karavan, Zeb and Haniya, Amanat Ali, Fakir Juman Shah, Noori, Rizwan and Muazzam, Sanam Marvi, Tina Sani, Aunty Disco Project and EP.

Here’s what the performers of Coke Studio 2010 say:

Arif Lohar: “The Coke studio experience was absolutely amazing! I think with this project, Rohail Hyatt has started something, which will be remembered by many generations. Everyone has worked really hard and has done an amazing job.”

Meesha Shafi of Overload: “Coke Studio was very exciting. I believe that both the audio and the visuals of my song with Arif Lohar titled ‘Alif Allah’ have come out really well. I still have to see them with the rest of you as the episode goes on air so it is as much as a surprise for me as it is for the others. When I first heard that Arif Lohar was in the line up I actually requested the managers for collaboration with him. I’m glad that it worked out and I was paired up with him for a song, which everyone says turned out really very well. From the first episode of season three, I am most looking forward to Arieb Azhar because I feel he has done a great job and of course I am also looking forward to the performance of the legendary Abida Parveen. ”

Asad Ahmed of Karavan: “The highlight for me this year was getting to play with all these great artists and also having the new Karavan Album ‘Saara Jahan’ released. We also got to play live on Coke Studio.”

Salman Albert of EP: “My experience with Coke Studio was obviously very good. Indeed it is an honour for any artist when they get a call from Coke Studio. I have diligently followed the first two seasons and I can claim that season three is even better than the first two seasons (which I believe were remarkable). The atmosphere was very professional, the equipment was amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed the recordings. From the first episode, I am most looking forward to Abida Parveen’s performance.”

(Source: Daily Times)


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