A #Rough #Guide To The #World showcases our beautiful #planet and #IE9 #hardware acceleration

This one’s mainly for Internet Explorer 9 users: When you first load the Rough Guides‘ A Rough Guide To The World, you find yourself staring at a map — it’s divided into many many tiny little squares, and each one has a spinner.

After a short while, the spinners start disappearing, replaced by tiny thumbnails. Click on a thumbnail, and get a beautiful Creative-Commons photo of that location, courtesy of Flickr. You will often get much more than one photo — sometimes even thousands. The tool includes a nice way of browsing them all, in a sort of internal gallery.

The initial thumbnails are tiny, so you can zoom in on whatever part of the globe you find interesting. But there’s a more interesting way to get a closer look: a loupe that you can drag around to look at the map. There’s a beautiful effect showing the thumbnails enlarged through the loupe (they’re kind of distorted), but more importantly, the loupe lets you filter the thumbnails: You can filter by “experience type” (think “Eating”, “Shopping”, “Festivals”), see all places included as “Experiences” (which contain a bit more detail), or show everything. There’s also an option to show a “Rough Guides Map” but it’s not very clear – I couldn’t figure out exactly what this does.

The whole thing is HTML5 and feels incredibly slick. It’s a promotional piece both for IE9 and the Rough Guides series, but it does work on other browsers — and I wish all marketing would be this beautiful and useful.

here is a short video tour.

(Source: Dowload Squad)


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