helps get your creative juices flowing


Writer’s block is a drag. You just sit there staring at the full-screen, distraction-free editor that you spent forever tweaking so it would be just right. You’re all set up to write, and … nothing comes. Blank. The cursor blinks, the clock ticks by, and everything you can think of just seems trite and boring, like a stereotype of a story rather than the story you wish you could write.

Of course, I’m not talking about myself! Consider this a general comment on the human condition. I just found something that might come in handy if you ever find yourself in a similar situation: it’s a neat little Web service called oneword.

As you might expect, oneword gives you just a single word, and then it has you write about it. What’s not implied in the name is that you get just 60 seconds to do this. One word, 60 seconds, go!

It is a pretty invigorating experience. I couldn’t not write, really. Once your time is up, a small form pops up where you can email your text to yourself.

The service is free, and you can also open an account so that you don’t have to keep filling in your email and can access a few other features, such as “word ups” – a way to give and receive feedback for pieces of writing.

(Source Download Squad)


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