How I Learned to Love Twitter

Twitter Logo
When I first heard about Twitter I scoffed, rolled my eyes and placed it on my ‘Not to Do’ list. Since then, I’ve had to eat my words. At that time everyone was on MySpace and Facebook was beginning to grow in popularity. With both sites merging the functions of e-mail, instant messaging, photo and event sharing and a range of other activities into the one handy website, I simply couldn’t comprehend how a site limited to 140 characters hope to compete with these juggernauts of social networking. The site moved to the back of my mind and didn’t come to my attention for the next year or so. By not really taking part in the site and only watching from the outside I found it hard to engage, and soon lost interest. Fast forward to the start of 2010, I started Twitting to promote my blog, engaging in discussions and getting regular rants out of my system. I stumbled through the site, slowly learning how to use it. When I Plugged in the contacts list from my e-mail I was surprised to learn a lot of my friends used the site. After learning about hash tags (#)I started posting more content from my blog. I expected nothing to come from it; Instead what I got was three times the traffic I used to get. I am now following a very interesting array of people from sports, media to interesting people with interests similar to mine. More I use twitter more I realise how powerful it is. I tend to get most of my news and information from it now. Though I blame twitter for ruining my book reading time as once you get on your twitter timeline its hard to stop.

So what’s the morale of the story?

The age old maxim of “Don’t knock it until you try it” holds very true in this scenario- Twitter has already outdone my wildest expectations, and I’ve only been on it for a few years. I dare say the best is yet to come. Secondly, if you’re interested in working in media, PR or communications and aren’t on Twitter, then ask yourself why not? As far as networking and publication tools go Twitter is free, easy to use and opens your world to local and international experts in your chosen field. So go ahead make your Twitter Account.

PS: People at twitter I would not mind if u donate some money to my blog for this advertisement Regards Raza


One thought on “How I Learned to Love Twitter

  1. Come on, come on Raza
    Twitter’s shit!
    Twitter’s shit!

    Facebook is also crap.
    Don’t you know it?

    So what’s my biggest problem with twitter?
    It kills the older forms of communication, which I’d block if I could. It harms me, I don’t like it.
    By the way, I see no person who dares to compare a twit to a saturday afternoon, spent with your kith and kin. 🙂

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