Inception Was Stolen From Scrooge McDuck

Here’s an old Scrooge McDuck comic book photo from 2002 that tells the story of criminals who break into Scrooges dreams to steal his secrets. Scrooge and Donald just want to go home, but the physical world around them is constantly changing and shifting.Scrooge
If that sounds like the plot of Inception, it should. Christopher Nolan just replaced the Beagle Boys with Leonardo DiCaprio and then made it all fancy by spinning the camera around and whatnot.

Seriously, there are NO original ideas left… so get that out of your mind.

(Source: Gone Hollywood)


One thought on “Inception Was Stolen From Scrooge McDuck

  1. Wouldn’t say it was stolen. The ability to enter othr people’s dreams is a classic story-telling theme that goes back through history

    You say that there are no original ideas left. As a storyteller myself, I’d say rather that there are a lot of classic themes in storytelling.

    The Heroe’s quest. The prodigal redeemed. Extraordinary events bringing out the extraordinary that lives inside of every seemigly ordinary person.

    These themes are important, because they’re part of the values and wisdom we share as human beings.They’re kind of a short-hand, which lets us know that we’re talking about a particular topic now.

    And classic themes often give us strength to do what we need to in life outside of the story.

    But a good story-teller can always take a classic theme and look at it in a new way. That’s what makes the best story tellers.

    I’d say there’s plenty of original ideas out there.

    And always will be.

    But there’s also room for classic themes


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