JamStudio lets you quickly sketch out song ideas, even if you’re clueless

It’s basically a quick way of throwing a song together, and all you have to do is click a bunch of chords and instruments. You are not likely to make actual music with this, but I actually don’t think you should be trying to.

Personally, I can see myself using this tool to communicate my song ideas to some of my friends who actually have a clue about music and can play an instrument. As a musically illiterate person, it can be very frustrating when I have a clear idea for a tune that can go well with some lyrics I wrote, but I have no way to communicate it to a friend of mine who wants to compose the song (because I don’t know any chords and I can’t even hum it properly).

JamStudio lets me play around with a bunch of chords until I come up with something that sounds right, and then I can just show it to my musically skilled friends, and they’ll get a clear idea of what I would like the song to sound like.

(Source: Download Squad)


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