RIM’s ‘Blackpad’ 9.7-inch Tablet Rumored to Debut in November

For quite some time, rumor had it that RIM has been wanting to get into the tablet game, and who can blame it? Microsoft has had a long history in the market, Apple’s iPad has proven popular, and it seems that just about every other manufacturer is trying to cram Android into the form-factor. A couple of days ago, we heard that RIM had acquired Blackpad.com, and the world collectively cringed at what we hoped was a purely defensive move to keep domain squatters at bay. Now, according to Bloomberg, there is confirmation that RIM plans to call its 9.7-inch tablet the Blackpad.

According to “people familiar with” the situation, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-capable device will be unveiled in November with front- and back-facing cameras. While there is no indication of when the Blackpad will find its way into customers’ hands, the RIM tablet is expected to cost about as much as the iPad. Like our friends at Engadget, we’re seriously hoping for a Microsoft-like change of heart when it comes to the name.

(Source: Switched)


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