Online-ConVert lets you convert a ton of media formats, no download required

Online Convert
online-ConVert looks suspicious. The formatting is wonky, the name is poorly capitalized, and the whole thing looks really unreliable. I almost didn’t cover it.

But then I decided to go ahead and give it a chance, and I was pleasantly surprised by how thorough the service is. I tested it by converting a small MP3 file to Ogg. It offered me sensible options (like the option to set the bitrate and a few other parameters that I could set if I wanted to), and then it uploaded the file, crunched it, and spit it back out within a matter of seconds (it was a small MP3 – about 1.3MB).

I also tried converting a Docx document to PDF. The PDF converter lets you specify a “target device” so that, for example, you can produce PDFs that are specifically aimed at the Kindle.

There’s also a hash generator that can produce a file checksum (or just a text hash) by using a ton of algorithms, an image converter, and a whole bunch of other converters. I was unable to test them all, but I was pleasantly surprised by the options that I did try. The next time I need to convert a rare format, I may just use this site instead of seeking out a specific tool.

(Source: Download Squad)


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