Italian agency chops off its creatives' heads

An Italian ad agency called Milc had a strange idea for self-promotion: chopping off the heads of its creatives. This would seem to hamper their ability to provide good ideas, but it turns out it’s a metaphor for the ad business in this economic downturn. The severed heads are meant to represent wonderful creative ideas that have gone unused because of client spending cutbacks. “I hEad a great idea” is the hEadline, with additional copy that explains: “To cut your communications budget means to cut your own future.” There’s also a Web site. We’re also told that “no creatives were harmed.” A smart-ass might say, “That’s a pity,” but I’d never stoop so low. I don’t know if I’d risk working with an agency that’s so quick to decapitate, though I suspect the chief media outlet for these “executions” will be award-show annuals, where success will just go to their heads.

(Source: AdFreak)


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