TomTom Now Offering Looney Tunes Voices

Tom tom

If TomTom’s Star Wars voice offerings aren’t doing it for you, particularly their not so spot-on impersonation of Han Solo, maybe you’ll prefer their new Looney Tunes options. Of course you’ll have to settle for today’s Looney Tunes voices given Mel Blanc is no longer around to record custom directions, with Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam available at launch followed by Daffy Duck and Sylvester in October and a couple with Pepé le Pew (including one for the ladies) in November. And like with the Star Wars voices the new Looney Tunes ones are $12.95 each

By Andrew Liszewski

(Source: OhGizmo!!)


2 thoughts on “TomTom Now Offering Looney Tunes Voices

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