The world’s most successful interweb search engines are using the famous PageRank Algorithm. It works by pushing up the search engines pages which are already popular. In other words, ‘the rich get richer.’ To address this issue, Really Magazine has commissioned and implemented an experimental alpha version of the UnderDogs Algorithm.

Using a well known search engine as the core, Inframutt is trained to automatically fetch and display the least popular results for any given search. Inframutt simply takes the most unnoticed and obscure of the search engine results and forces it to the top of the list (instead of the bottom).

(Source: PreSurfer)


4 thoughts on “Inframutt

  1. Good. But if u look closely. Its just bringing up the last search result. Last one on the basic google search, even shows the page no. of results. go back to the number 1 page and u still have a popular search result.

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