Rant Number 1

Rant 1
Every one I meet, see and hear is running in a rat race. Every one tells me I should run too but may be I am flat foot or just damn lazy, I just don’t get what’s the rush. Either I am not in touch with the current trends or may be I have been in isolation for so long that I have missed the train that led to materialism. Don’t get me wrong I love good things and I buy a lot of stuff but not for showing off or to get peer approval I buy it for my self. Every ones changing more and more people in my circle have started to assess people on what they have rather than who they are. I have been around some of the best people and seeing them change into approval seeking wannabes makes me want to help them get out of this rat race but I have no clue how? Or may be I do may be this rant will help them. At some level we all seek peer approval but to alter your whole life, career choice or even buying something just because some one else has it is crossing the line, at least in my view. We all dislike people who put price tags on every thing yet I see most people doing that these days, I am no saint but bragging about how much you bought a shoe for is just let keep it clean ill use words not classy. I love to chat but talking about he has that and I have that makes me want to puke, why is this world being transformed into approval seeking wannabes, may be tv or general human nature ; what ever it is I don’t like it. Any resemblance to any one I know is not coincidental it deliberate. Rant Over
Peace !!!

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