Facebookers Poking Around 7 Hours a Month, Nielsen Finds


Despite contradictory evidence from the teen demographic, some researchers have asserted that the time people spend online has maxed out. A recent Nielsen study has indicated that, at least during January, that may actually be correct — with one site being a notable exception.

According to the Nielsen stat gurus, the total number of active Web users increased in January, but people still spent less time on the Net as a whole, including major sites like Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, AOL, Amazon, and eBay. The people surveyed didn’t necessarily minimize their online time, though; they primarily redirected their attention to Facebook, the reigning ruler of the Internet.

People flocked to Facebook in January, as the average user spent a staggering seven hours on the site over the course of the month. That’s almost a 10-percent increase from the usage numbers for December. The next closest time-killer during January was Yahoo!, which lagged behind with a comparatively paltry two hours per user. While the Facebook offices must be rejoicing over the dominant numbers, you can expect a horde of shaking fists from the rest of the Web community, and, even more so, from bosses everywhere.

[From: Nielsen]

(Source: Switched)


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