[CES 2010] If There Was Any Doubt That Google Was Slowly Taking Over The World, Behold The Android Powered Microwave And Washing Machine!

The idea of a microwave oven or a washing machine running Android might seem like a bit much, but the company behind these two concepts, Touch Revolution, actually has a pretty clever product. Their Android-powered NIM1000 Touch Module can be integrated by an OEM into a wide range of products (hence the proof of concept microwave and washing machine on display) adding gesture-based touch controls to almost any device.
It saves a company from having to research and develop their own touch-screen hardware and software, and because it does run Android, the possibilities of what that touch screen can do are almost endless. The brief demo I saw had them loading Pandora on the microwave and playing a bit of Jason Mraz through a pair of built-in speakers.

(Source: Oh Gizmo!)


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