British Man Escapes Jail Updates Facebook

British man jailed for 7 years escapes prison, updates Facebook status while on the run
An escaped prisoner — jailed for seven years for aggravated burglary — escaped the confines of his jail back in September. He’s been updating his Facebook page on a regular basis since then.

He has almost 4,000 followers at the time of writing, so you can imagine why the British police are a little annoyed right now. It’s hardly good publicity to have an escaped convict openly parading his freedom on a large social network in front of his friends, family and fans.

A quick look at his updates reveal gems such as: “Quick question….HOW MANY COPS ARE IN HERE TONIGHT!?” or “Thinking maybe we should get some fan t shirts made. What you think mates?”

Obviously the British feds (or ‘bobbies’) are trying to track him down with cooperation from Facebook, but as yet he has managed to escaped recapture. He must be a little more intelligent than the fellow who stole an Xbox and later logged on to Xbox Live using the original owner’s account: he was located and arrested by the police soon after.

Some thieves are obviously more intelligent than others…

(Source: Download Squad)


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