Play Contra, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, and more in Google Chrome

Yes, Google, you can proudly herald this one as a major victory for your browser in my books. If other Javascript benchmarks haven’t been anything you could get excited about, maybe this one will do it. Ben Firshman’s Javascript NES emulator runs best in Google Chrome.
One downside: you’ll have to be cool with a similarly early 90s style screen (think original Gameboy). You’ll only get a viewable area of about 256×240. If size isn’t a major concern for you, here’s a list of the games you can play:
Donkey Kong
Dr. Mario
Legend of Zelda
Mario Bros.
Pac Man
Super Mario Bros.
Tetris 2
Zelda II
Super Mario Bros. 3 (partially working)
JSNES works in other browsers, of course, but not quite as well. Firefox frame rates are generally reported to be about 1/10th or less those from Chrome. Safari (and most other Webkit browsers) should be up to the task.


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