Storybird: cute web-based storybook publishing

I have to admit, I’m pretty envious of kids today, because they get to play with fun stuff like Storybird. Storybird is a place for kids and parents to read and create storybooks. It’s completely kid-friendly and features a gallery of great artwork that you can use to get started. Just because Storybird is targeted at children doesn’t mean it’s dumbed-down, though. A lot of adults I know couldn’t lay out a storybook in Pagemaker, but they’d have no problem creating something nice with this.
Story Bird
Of course, kids can make their own Storybirds, but they can also read selections from the site’s public collection. They’re not all great, but the characters in the art gallery are cool enough to hold some interest (I know I would have loved the monsters, in particular, as a kid). Storybird is also looking at offering a print publishing platform, so you can use it to make real books, too.

(Source: Download Squad)


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