Control your Mac or PC using Twitter

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter. It seems like it’s everywhere, and people are trying to use it for everything. And I mean everything. For example, have you ever wished that you could remotely control your computer using Twitter? I have to admit that I have not, but I suppose I can see the convenience of using such a ubiquitous tool to send quick commands to a computer.

The services TweetMyMac and TweetMyPC allow you to do exactly that – send specific commands to your remote computer to have it perform specific tasks. Here’s a sampling of the sorts of commands it can understand: shutdown, restart, logout, sleep, ip, screenshot, screensaver, open (apps), quit (apps), lock, etc.
Tweet My PC
While it would be extremely convenient to control a computer via tweets, personally I’m a little wary; the possibility of making mistakes would concern me, as would security concerns. You have to create a dedicated account that your machine uses to listen for commands, and it will accept commands from any Twitter accounts it is following.

(Source: Download Squad)


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