Video: Slim, wireless, LED-backlit Sony ZX5 LCDs prepped for November release

Sony’s packed in a plethora of buzz-worthy tech into its ZX5 series of Bravia LCDs — thin panels, edge-mounted LED backlighting, 240-Hz Motion Flow, and wireless connection between the media receiver section and the glass. The new 46- and 52-inch versions have got the styling portion of the competition aced, but we’re still smarting over the move away from local-dimming Triluminos LEDs. As for the Motion Flow, we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves if 240-Hertz is going to be the magic number to win us over. But then again, we’re greedy like that; but there’s something drool-inspiring about a 52-inch LCD that gets 1080p video wirelessly sent to its 16.6-mm thin frame. Somehow, we don’t think our response will be different when these beauties are released to Japan in November. Video after the break.

(Source: Engadget)


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