Cocaine dealers hurt by recession

New York magazine reports that business has dropped off for cocaine dealers because of the recession. The article doesn’t say how much coke is selling for these days. Could our coke-sniffing readers please provide that information in the comments?
Before condos in Williamsburg started selling at a loss and weekend flights to L.A. dropped to under $200, New York’s cocaine dealers were supplying good times to people who indulged like the party wouldn’t end. Before the recession, “I was making deliveries every night of the week,” says Eddie, a middle-aged man who exclusively deals cocaine. (All names have been changed.) At the height of his career, in early 2008, Eddie sold eight-balls to hipsters, financiers, and Upper West Side high-school students. “Back then, I could afford to pick and choose. If I didn’t know the address — forget it. If I didn’t like their accent — forget it. On most nights, there were more people wanting than I could get to.”

(Source: Boing Boing)


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